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Don't Take Your Organs To Heaven

Don't Take Your Organs To Heaven Cause Button Museum
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Don't Take Your Organs To Heaven button back Cause Button Museum
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Don't Take Your Organs To Heaven Heaven Knows We Need Them Here.
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Blue background with stars and a white stripe across the middle with blue text on it.

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Regional Organ Bank of Illinois 1-800-545-gift

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The phrase on the button is popular among advocates of organ donation. Organ donation consists of the giving of tissues or organs by a living or dead person to a recipient who needs the transplant. Around the world, hundreds of thousands of people await donations. To catch up to the number of donations needed, some countries like Austria and Spain have passed legislation that makes the entire population into potential donors, unless they choose to opt-out. Organ donation in the United States can be done only with the permission of the patient or their family, causing the list of people awaiting donations to grow longer, prompting activists to encourage people to donate their organs.

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