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Drafted Political Button Museum
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Drafted button back Political Button Museum
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Blue and red text on white background.

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(union bug)

Curl Text: 

(union bug) L. Fox, Box 581 Hemnstead N.Y. (516) 825-7706

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There were attempts to draft Ted Kennedy to run for Vice President in 1968 after Bobby Kennedy's death and for President in 1972 and 1976. In all three elections he stated clearly that he would not accept a nomination if it were given to him. In 1980 he agreed to run in the Democratic primary after a large "draft Kennedy" campaign, but he lost to Carter. This button is probably from the 1972 election and references Ted Kennedy's opposition to the draft policies which allowed deferments for people who could afford to go to College and his support of amnesty for draft dodgers. 

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