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Drafted 80

Drafted 80 Political Button Museum
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Drafted 80 button back Political Button Museum
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White button with red outlined text and blue text. 

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(union bug) Millenium Group 924 Cherry St., Phila., PA. 19107

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In the 1980 presidential election, Ted Kennedy ran the last presidential campaign by a Kennedy, following Robert Kennedy's campaign in 1968 and John F. Kennedy's election in 1960. Kennedy was opposing the incumbent candidate Jimmy Carter, who suffered from a low approval rating entering into the race. Kennedy's campaign benefited from Carter's unpopularity, but lacked organization and a cohesive platform, eventually leading to his concession from the race in August of 1980. However, Kennedy successfully carried several states leading up to the Democratic Primary, demonstrating the lack of confidence in Carter from the Democratic Party that foreshadowed his eventually defeat in a landslide to Ronald Reagan. Despite his ultimately unsuccessful candidacy, Kennedy's concession speech entitled, "The Dream Shall Never Die," is considered to be one of the highlights of his career and a defining moment for the modern Democratic Party.


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