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Dump Daley

Dump Daley Chicago Button Museum
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Dump Daley button back Chicago Button Museum
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White text on a black background with red and green stripes

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Prior to the 1995 mayoral election in Chicago, a group of Africans Americans led by Lu Palmer sought to find an African American candidate they felt could beat the incumbent, Richard Daley. The first rally, called a “Dump Daley” rally, was held in April of 1993 at a South Side church and garnered the support of a number of African American elected officials. Each attendee was asked to submit the name of an African American they felt would have a good chance of ousting, or ‘dumping’ Daley.


Kass, J. and Thompson, C. (1993 May). 2 Blacks Seek Leader Who Can Dump Daley. Chicago Tribune.

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