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Dump Ronald Reagan

Dump Ronald Reagan Political Button Museum
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Dump Ronald Reagan button back Political Button Museum
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Button is divided into red, white and blue horizontal sections with white and blue text.

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Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of the United States. He served two terms from the years 1981-1989. Prior to becoming president, Reagan worked in Hollywood appearing in 53 films. His Hollywood career was put on hold when he was drafted after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1942. His film skills were put to use during his active duty as he assisted making air force training videos and documentaries. His political views shifted from liberal to conservative after his time in active duty. He started campaigning for the Republican Party’s presidential candidate for the 1976 election.

Reagan’s time in office is defined by his economic policies, commonly known as Reaganomics. The major economic policy objectives were to reduce the growth of government spending, reduce the federal income tax and capital gains tax, reduce government regulations, and tighten the money supply to reduce inflation.

Opposition to Reagan’s policies and values was a constant throughout his presidency, particularly in liberal circles and by left-wing activists. The most lasting opposition to Reagan comes from the music, particularly punk and hardcore music, from the 1980s. Reagan and his policies inspired a myriad of songs, leading up to the “Rock Against Reagan” concerts in 1984.


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