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Durham Centennial

Durham Centennial Event Button Museum
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Durham Centennial button back Event Button Museum
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Blue text and an illustration of a hand holding a bunch of leaves over a striped background on white

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Durham, North Carolina is named for Dr. Bartlett S. Durham, who settled in the area in 1853 after he finished his medical training looking for a place to set up his practice. In 1949, the N.C Railroad wanted to set a station in the area. Dr. Durham donated 4 acres of land for it to be built. The station was called Durhamville, later changed to Durham Station, then simply Durham. This city has been a leader in many ways to North Carolina throughout its history. Following the Civil War, Durham expanded rapidly as the tobacco industry took off.  In 1892, Trinity University moved to Durham from present day Trinity, and in 1924, the name was changed to Duke, a well-known and highly selective university. North Carolina Central University is also located in Durham. Duke University Hospital as well as other private companies help keep Durham as a leader in medicine, not only in North Carolina, but nationally as well. As of 2017, Durham was the 4th most populous city in N.C.

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