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Dwayne Murphy

Dwayne Murphy Sports Button Museum
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Dwayne Murphy button back Sports Button Museum
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Dwayne Murphy Oakland A’s
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FUN Foods NO. 93 of 133 OUT FIELD AVG. 256 copyright  1984 MLBPA

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Dwayne Murphy played for the Oakland Athletics from 1978-1987. Drafted right out of high school, he played in the minor league for 5 years before being called up to the Athletics in 1978. He won 6 straight Golden Glove awards between 1980 and 1985. Regarded as one of the best outfielders in the league, the awards he won reflected his talents. Murphy was known for his trademark move of losing his hat during virtually any play from routine caches to deep dives. Retiring from play, his last Major League Baseball game was with the Philadelphia Phillies on October 1st, 1989. Coming out of retirement, Murphy coached from 1998-2013 before retiring once more. He was hitting coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks during their 2001 World Series win.

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