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Ecology McGovern

Ecology McGovern Political Button Museum
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Ecology McGovern button back Political Button Museum
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White text and a white ecology symbol on a light green background

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George McGovern was a politician from South Dakota who was active between 1957 and 1984. In 1962, he won himself a Senate seat and won re-election in the state in 1968. McGovern would utilize a grassroots campaign and surprisingly win the Democratic nomination. An active member of the convention, McGovern had enacted policies that gave greater representation to minorities, helping him secure the victory. 

McGovern was ahead of his time and campaigned for an immediate end to the Vietnam War. He is considered a reformer politician for trying to make Democrats lean to more liberal social and economic policies. These radical ideas would have a negative consequence of splitting the party. As a result of not have a unified party backing him, McGovern lost by a large margin to incumbent President Nixon.


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