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English Toffee Ice Cream

English Toffee Ice Cream Advertising Button Museum
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English Toffee Ice Cream button back Advertising Button Museum
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Try ENGLISH TOFFEE ice cream
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White text on a brown background.

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English Toffee Ice Cream was invented by Steve Herrell, an ice cream shop proprietor, in 1973. The process of making English Toffee Ice Cream consists of grinding up a Heath toffee-flavored candy bar and mixing it in with other flavors of ice cream, such as chocolate .The success of the flavor helped transform Steve's from a local Massachusetts ice cream parlor into a successful franchise. The flavor is now available from various ice cream brands such as Breyer's and Ben & Jerry's.


Asimov, E. (1987).The Heath Bar Finds Its Metier: Ice Cream. The New York Times.

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