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Fox Valley Illinois McGovern

Fox Valley Illinois McGovern Political Button Museum
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Fox Valley Illinois McGovern button back Political Button Museum
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FOX VALLEY Ill. '72 McGovern
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Photograph of George McGovern's head opposite an illustration of the head of a winking cartoon fox wearing a black bow tie.  Red text on a yellow background.

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(union bug)

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George McGovern was born in 1922 in South Dakota. He served in the Army Air Forces in WWII before obtaining degrees from Dakota Wesleyan University and Northwestern University, earning himself a Ph.D. to become a history professor.  He was elected to the U.S representative in 1956-60, and in 1962, ran a successful campaign to become a Senator. He was outspoken about his opposition of the Vietnam War. McGovern ran an unsuccessful campaign for presidency in 1968, as a stand-in for JFK who had been assassinated. He lost, but continued to try to end the Vietnam War through legislation that was defeated in both 1970 and 71.

This led McGovern to his 1972 grassroots-based presidential campaign. His campaign gained momentum and he was able to secure the democratic nomination; however, this left the Democratic Party split ideologically. After choosing Thomas Eagleton as his Vice President running mate, McGovern’s credibility was damaged. Incumbent Richard Nixon beat McGovern in one of the biggest landslides in U.S electoral history. He continued to be a senator until 1980, where he was defeated in his attempt at a fourth term.

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