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Freihofers Code Cop

Freihofers Code Cop Advertising Button Museum
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Freihofers Code Cop button back Advertising Button Museum
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Illustration of a person in a baker's hat and apron and a blue police uniform top holding a loaf of bread and a stick on a red circle background surrounded by an outer white background with blue and red text on it.

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This button is for Charles Freihofer's Bread Company.  Freihofer bread was inspected and guaranteed for freshness by their mascot, the Code Cop.  Charles Freihofer's Bread Company was started in Troy, New York in 1913.  When Charles Freihofer opened the business, residents of Troy found free loaves of bread at their door steps for four days.  On the fifth day, customer could either decide to have bread delivered to their home via horse and wagon for five cents per loaf or discontinue the service.  The company specialized in pan bread or French bread and white loaves.  Horse and wagon delivery was used until the early 1960's.  The company guaranteed freshness and that all products had been inspected to cover the guarantee.

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