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Fullerton Buffet

Fullerton Buffet Chicago Button Museum
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Fullerton Buffet button back Chicago Button Museum
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FULLERTON BUFFET 2410 Milwaukee Ave.
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Green illustration of 3 clovers with green text around the outer edge on a white background

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illegible (union bug)

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The Fullerton Buffett was located at 2410 Milwaukee Avenue on the Fullerton avenue corner in Chicago. The business was purchased in 1911 by Jack O'Keefe, a lightweight boxer born in Braidwood, Illinois. His career as a boxer lasted from 1893-1913; he was 5′ 8″ and fought 75 bouts throughout his career. He was a boxing idol in Chicago and decided to spend his retirement as a restaurant owner.  O'Keefe had previous experience in the buffet business with a place on the Pacific Coast. The Fullerton Buffet was located on the North Side of Chicago and became a headquarters for local boxers. In 1924, he had become the owner of a pocket billiard hall.


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