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GE All Steamed Up

GE All Steamed Up Advertising Button Museum
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GE All Steamed Up button back Advertising Button Museum
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Blue text over a white illustration of steam on a yellow background

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GE, the General Electric Company, was founded 1892 in New York when American inventor Thomas Edison's company, Edison General Electric Company and the Thomas-Houston Company merged together. GE originally focused on finding new ways to harness the power of electricity and building electrical equipment, including locomotives, transformers, and X-ray machines. Since their inception, GE has expanded exponentially and now has 12 distinct primary business divisions, including aviation, healthcare, and renewable energy. Despite changes within the company, their logo-featuring the "GE" monogram-has remained generally the same since 1892. The monogram found on this button was used from 1934 to 1969.


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