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Get America Moving Again

Get America Moving Again Political Button Museum
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Get America Moving Again button back Political Button Museum
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White button with white text on the top with a red background and white text on the bottom with a blue background. The center features a black and white photograph of Carter and Mondale. 

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N.G. Slater Corp., N.Y.C. 11 (union bug)

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This button was made for the 1976 election to support the campaign of Jimmy Carter, who ran as a Democrat. Carter was a Southern Baptist, peanut farmer, and Governor of Georgia who cultivated an image of a Washington outsider and promised never to lie to the American people. He won the election against President Gerald Ford and was the 39th President of the United States from 1977 to 1981. As President he pardoned draft resistors, worked for the Camp David Accords which helped relations between Israel and Egypt, and created a Department of Education and Department of Energy. He was seen as a weak President who struggled to work with Congress, although he got a surprising amount done behind the scenes. He got very little credit for his achievements, including the Camp David Accords.

Walter Mondale was chosen as Carter's running mate because he was a more established political figure and he and Carter got along well. During the Campaign he focused on economic issues and won the first Vice Presidential Debate in American history. As Vice President he was an adviser to Carter and established the practice of a weekly lunch between the President and Vice President. In group meetings Mondale deferred to Carter, but in private he voiced his own opinion and was involved in every decision, including the Camp David Accords. He also tried to smooth over Carter's problems working with Congress.

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