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Get High With Sweetgrass

Get High With Sweetgrass Advertising Button Museum
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Get High With Sweetgrass button back Advertising Button Museum
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Get high with Sweetgrass The Penthouse Hotel St. Francis
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Green text on a white background. The size of the text decreases from top to bottom.

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In 1972, the Hotel St. Francis in San Francisco opened a new addition to its hotel, a futuristic tower. Atop the tower was the Penthouse which featured cocktails and nightly dancing. Along with the view, the Penthouse offered the the “happiest of happy hours” and complimentary hors d’oeuvres. The Penthouse boasted new music and a new atmosphere stating, “If you’re looking for Lawrence Welk, keep looking. Because the way Sweetgrass plays Top 40’s will make your feet boogie and your ears feel great. So come up and get high with us. Every night. No minimum. No cover. Just turned on fun."


Hotel St. Francis. (1974). [Advertisement for the Penthouse Hotel St. Francis] Daily Independent Journal, 2.

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