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Give 'em Hell Hillary

Give 'em Hell Hillary Political Button Museum
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Give 'em Hell Hillary button back Political Button Museum
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Yellow text on a green background.

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1-800-257-2340 OFFICIAL SOUVENIR © (union bug)

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The slogan, "Give 'em Hell, Harry"  comes from Harry Truman's presidential campaign in 1948. The media was predicting that he would lose to his opponent, Dewey. Truman's approval rating when he was President after FDR died was low and newspapers were already printing issues with Dewey as the winner of the election on the front page, but Truman ended up winning. His win may have been due to his tactic of attacking the "do-nothing" Republican dominated Congress of that period. Instead of attacking his opponent during the campaign, he continuously brought up the shortcomings of Congress while he was President.

"Give 'em Hell, Hillary" was adapted as a slogan for Hillary Clinton's campaign for President in 2016. This suggests that Secretary Clinton was in a similar position as Truman and utilized the same campaign tactics.


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