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Go Go Dulinex button back Advertising Button Museum
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Dulinex, an abbreviation for Duisberg - Lincoln Exchange, was a foreign exchange student program between Lincoln High School in Seattle, Washington, and Steinbart Gymnasium School and Johannes Sebus Schule in Duisberg, Germany. Steinbart Gymnasium school was an all-girls school, and Johannes Sebus Schule was an all-boys school; exchange students came alternately from one of the two schools each year. The program lasted from 1958 to 1971.

Many students from Lincoln High School applied to be exchange students to Germany each year and, after interviews and screening of candidates, the entire student body voted to determine who the exchange student would be that year. The program was funded by the student body through share-sales and fundraising events. Within the Dulinex club at Lincoln High School there were three committees: the Selections Committee, the Ways and Means Committee, and the Projects Committee. The Selections Committee was involved in the process of selecting an exchange student. The Ways and Means Committee was in charge of the share sales, and the Projects Committee created displays to send to the partner schools in Germany.

Lincoln High School closed in 1981 and reopened in 2019 after thirty-eight years. There is an alumni room at Lincoln High School, which includes a historical library that contains more information on the student exchange program.


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