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Go Perot

Go Perot Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Go Perot back Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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Go Perot
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White text outlined in blue and red on blue background. Negative space in letter P forms shape of star. Below text is a waving flag illustration.

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Henry Ross Perot was an American businessman and philanthropist who ran as an independent candidate for the office of U.S. President in 1992 and 1996. Perot ran a nontraditional campaign, focusing on 30-minute infomercial-style advertisements. Spending around $65 million of his personal fortune, Perot won 19 percent of the popular vote in the November '92 election. Perot went on to found the Reform Party in 1995, faced off against Clinton for the presidency again in 1996, and published Ross Perot: My Life & The Principles for Success to support his platform. Perot died in July, 2019.


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