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Goldwater Arrow

Goldwater Arrow Political Button Museum
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Goldwater Arrow button back Political Button Museum
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Red background wtih a white arrow pointing to the right wtih blue text on it.

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union bug

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Barry Goldwater was a United States Senator from Arizona who won the Republican Party's presidential nomination for the 1964 election against Lyndon B. Johnson.  The arrow pointing to the right symbolizes Goldwater's conservative views concerning politics.  Goldwater lost the election, carrying only six states and 38% of the popular vote. Goldwater had a large conservative constituency and became most known for his work with labor-union reform and anti-communism.  Goldwater fought to help stop communism from spreading throughout the globe.  Goldwater was also a supporter of the conservative coalition which led to Congress passing new reform in 1957 against anti-corruption.  Many of his opponents in the primary elections tried to covey Goldwater as an extremist with his conservative views, though his voting record proved to be in line with other members of the Republican party.

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