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Goldwater In Your Heart You Know

Goldwater In Your Heart You Know Political Button Museum
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Goldwater In Your Heart You Know button back Political Button Museum
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A white background with red text on the top and bottom edges of the button with a red heart in the middle with a black and white photograph of a man's head wearing glasses.

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union bug

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Barry Goldwater was a United States Senator from Arizona who won the Republican Party's presidential nomination for the 1964 election against Lyndon B. Johnson.  Goldwater wanted the American people to regain responsibility for choices and take control away from and limit the power coming from Washington.  After receiving criticism from the media and other candidates concerning his extremist views, the slogan "IN YOUR HEART YOU KNOW HE'S RIGHT" was used in order to show America that his views and policies were the same as ordinary Americans.

Goldwater lost the election, along with William Miller as his Vice Presidential candidate, carrying only six states and 38% of the popular vote.

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