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GOP Smiley Face

GOP Smiley Face Political Button Museum
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GOP Smiley Face button back Political Button Museum
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The letters GOP are printed in blue on a white background with a red border.  The letters are arranged over a curved line to imitate a smiley face.  

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Union Bug stamped into metal back

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Union Bug. Copyright 1968 National Federation of Republican Women

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The button was made by the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) in preparation for the 1968 elections. Providing educational opportunities to Republican women across the nation had become one of the defining goals of the NFRW. The organization's president, Gladys O'Donnell (1968-1971), co-sponsored a coast-to-coast bus campaigns in 1968 to recruit members, conduct workshops, and mobilize support for then presidential hopeful, Richard Nixon. As an accomplished pilot who trained fighter pilots during World War II, O'Donnell helped the NFRW by compiling useful training manuals on leadership, community service, and fundraising.

As of today, the organization is tens of thousands of members strong. It's often considered the "education arm" of the Republican Party. 

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