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Gore in '94

Gore in '94 Political Button Museum
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Gore in '94 button back Political Button Museum
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White text on a half blue and half red background

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This button was distributed in 1994 by radio talk show host Don Wade in the wake of the Whitewater scandal. The Whitewater scandal was a controversy concerning President Bill Clinton and his alleged involvement in illegal loans and real estate investments with the Whitewater Development Corporation. The controversy led to an investigation by Arkansas state judges as well as by the United States Congress, which led to a media frenzy. The Clintons were ultimately acquitted of any wrongdoing.

Don Wade was a popular radio broadcaster in Chicago, often reporting on local and national politics and known for putting his own satirical spin on the topics. Wade distributed the buttons from his belief that Clinton’s presidential career would not recover from the Whitewater controversy and that Al Gore, his vice-president, would run for the presidency later in 1994. Wade continued to be popular on the Chicago airwaves until his death in 2013, after 55 years on the radio.

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