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Greenpeace Cause Button Museum
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Greenpeace Cause buton back Button Museum
Ecology symbol diagram by Ron Cobb
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Yellow background with green text with a green ecology symbol above and a green peace sign below

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Awards Unlimited - SF

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Greenpeace is an international non-government environmental organization.  Founded in 1971 with an expedition of volunteers and journalists to Amchita, Alaska to bring attention to the underground nuclear testing the US Government was conducting.  Some of the primary campaigns of Greenpeace deal with: global warming, ocean pollution, deforestation, oil drilling in the Arctic, anti-nuclear campaigns, toxic chemical storage and clean up, and promoting sustainable agriculture.  Operating solely on grants and individual supporters, they are headquartered in over forty countries.

The symbol at the top of the button, the ecology symobl, was created by Ron Cobb in 1969. It was created by combining an e for "environment" and an o for "organism". It has been used as a symbol for Earth Day as well as other environmental causes.

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