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Grover Cleveland and Thomas Hendricks

Grover Cleveland and Thomas Hendricks Political Button Museum
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Grover Cleveland and Thomas Hendricks button back Political Button Museum
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A Tan button with American style accents featuring the faces of Grover Cleveland and Thomas Hendricks in red.

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ART FAIR 1967 NEW YORK, N.Y. 10002

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This button is in support of Grover Cleveland and Thomas Hendricks for the 1884 United States Presidential Election. Cleveland served a long Democratic career in government through the United States Progressive era. Cleveland served as the mayor of Buffalo, New York, the governor of New York, and as the 22nd and 24th President of the United States. Although largely forgotten in modern times he created the Interstate Commerce Commission, backed the gold standard, and was a staunch non-interventionist in a time of imperial  conquest. In his second term he presided over the Panic of 1893, the famous Pullman Strike, and the rise of American labor unions. Although the Cleveland years are forgotten in popular history they are critical times in American policy-making.

Hendricks served as a roughly 30 year Congress until his election as vice-president on the Cleveland ticket. He is the first democrat to win the Northern state's governorship after the Civil War having many moderate stances. He was chosen as a means of creating a more balanced ticket with Cleveland but due to poor health had to vacate the vice-presidency in 1885 leaving the office vacant until 1889. 

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