Headly Fox Head 400 Beer

Headly Fox Head 400 Beer Beer Button Museum
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Headly Fox Head 400 Beer button back Beer Button Museum
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Black text on a white background. The center of the button features the face of a smiling cartoon fox. A checkbox is near the bottom of the button.

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Fox Head Brewing originally began as Waukesha Imperial Spring Brewing Company in 1893. The brewery lasted through Prohibition, unlike many of the era and in the 1940s grew. In 1955 Peter Fox Brewing of Chicago took over Fox Head Brewing. Up through the demise of the company there had been a number of executive personnel changes and it has been rumored to have had connections to the mafia. In 1962 Fox Head changes its named to Noramco and invested in a number of industries until finally being bought out by the G. Heileman Company in 1962. 
This button is for the Fox Head "400" Beer which would boast that it was "Brewed Only in Wisconsin" on every can. In the 1940s the company would boast that its beverages were made with famous Waukesha water. 

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