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Health Care for People Not for Profit

Health Care for People Not for Profit Cause Busy Beaver Button Museum
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On a white background black uppercase text reading "Health Care" curves along top with black uppercase text reading "For People Not For Profit" is centered on the button.

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Many hospitals in the United States are run by corporations who provide a healthcare service and charge the customers. In this situation, the total due from the customer largely depends on what level of health insurance the customer has and how much the insurance is willing to cover towards the bill. These are considered For-Profit hospitals because the hospital is charging someone a fee for a medical service, including life-saving services or natural services like birthing a child.

Non-Profit Health Care establishments, those which do not charge customers or patients, are primarily funded by donors or the community, such as charity, religion or research/educational agencies. Under this type of health care, they receive tax exemptions for the services they provide to their communities. These types of non-profits receive assets that belong to the community and do not belong to investors as do in For-Profit health care establishments. A well-known example is the Veterans Association hospital, which does not charge veteran patients for their medical bills.


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