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Heinz Ketchup

Heinz Ketchup Advertising Button Museum
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Heinz Ketchup button back Advertising Button Museum
Heinz Ketchup 1952 billboard Advertising Button Museum
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Button has black text over a red illustration of a ketchup bottle with a red curl of text at bottom of button, all over a white background.

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This button for H.J. Heinz Company touts its ketchup as "The People's Choice." Heinz began selling tomato ketchup in 1876, and as of 2012 sold about 650 million bottles worldwide. The company processes 2 million tons of tomatoes each year. Heinz claims its ketchup leaves the bottle at a speed of 0.28 miles per hour.

Though ketchup is Heinz's best seller, it wasn't the company's first product. That was actually horseradish, introduced in 1869, the year the company began. The famous "57 varieties" slogan was chosen in part because the company's founder thought 57 was a lucky number. Today, Heinz sells more than 5,700 products.


H.J. Heinz Co. (2015). Our company - Trivia.

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