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Hippy Sippy Says Please Feed Me

Hippy Sippy Says Please Feed Me Advertising Button Museum
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Hippy Sippy Says Please Feed Me button back Advertising Button Museum
Hippy Sippy Packaging
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hippy dippy says PLEASE FEED ME
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Black text on an orange background

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Hippy Sippy was a notorious and short-lived Japanese candy that was sold in the U.S. during the late 1960s. The candy itself consisted of tiny multi-colored chocolate pellets that could be “sipped” through a straw on its plastic ampoule-like packaging which, to many disapproving parents, had an uncanny resemblance to a hypodermic needle. Each package also came with a button sporting a phrase associated with the popular “hippie” counter-culture of the time which further fueled the candy's quick removal from shelves. Because of the sometimes suggestive nature of the phrases, many parents and politicians believed it further emphasized the candy's association with experimental drug use. One example of this included “Hippy Sippy Says I’ll Try Anything”.

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