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History in the Making Albany

History in the Making Albany Event Button Museum
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History in the Making Albany button back Event Button Museum
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HISTORY IN THE MAKING ALBANY MAY 16, 2000 New York State Democratic Convention HIllary Clinton for U.S. Senate
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Illustrated silhouette of Albany, New York's skyline on a blue background with white text.  Upper edge of button is grey with black text.  Lower portion of button is black with red shape of New York state and white text.

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(union bug)

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In 2000 the Democratic Convention was held at the Pepsi Arena in Albany, New York. It was there that Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination for US senate. Mrs. Clinton was the first  of the Presidents' wives to run for the office of US Sentae and win. She attended the convention with her husband, Bill Clinton, who was the president of the United States.. "History in the making" was the slogan for her campaign as she took on the challenge of the US Senate after being first lady of the United Sates for eight years.  This had never been done before by a woman, and opened the door for more women to pursue political aspirations.

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