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Hooper Political Button Museum
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Hooper button back Political Button Museum
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Gold text over blue banner encircled by blue border over yellowed background. 

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Authorized by
Mrs. Hooper's 
Campaign Committee
244 St. Charles St.
Wauwatosa, Wis. 

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Jessie Annette Jack Hooper (1864-1935), a Wisconsin democratic nominee, ran for Senator in 1922. She was born on a farm in Iowa, was a notable suffragist and peace advocate. She joined the women's suffrage campaign in the 1910s and was elected as the first president of the Wisconsin League of Women Voters in 1920. She believed that it was a woman's civic duty to serve in office and therefore campaigned vigorously for the Senate seat against the incumbent Senator Robert La Follette in 1922. Although she lost in that election, Hooper was recognized in public as a great speaker and was asked to help Presidential candidate John W. Davis in the 1924 election. 

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