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Hoosiers for Carter

Hoosiers for Carter Political Button Museum
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Hoosiers for Carter button back Political Button Museum
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black and white picture of Carter's head above a green bar with green vertical text next to the image on a white button

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This button supports Jimmy Carter's presidential election campaign. "Hoosier" is a name for a resident of Indiana, which comes from the mid-19th century. Carter was a Southern Baptist, peanut farmer, and Governor of Georgia who cultivated an image of a Washington outsider and promised never to lie to the American people. He won the election against President Gerald Ford and was the 39th President of the United States from 1977 to 1981. As President he pardoned draft resistors, worked for the Camp David Accords which helped relations between Israel and Egypt, and created a Department of Education and Department of Energy. He was seen as a weak President who struggled to work with Congress, although he got a surprising amount done behind the scenes. He got very little credit for his achievements, including the Camp David Accords.

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