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Hubert H. Humphrey for President

Hubert H. Humphrey for President Political Button Museum
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Hubert H. Humphrey for President button back Political Button Museum
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black and white photo of Hubert Humphrey on a white button with red text on white on the top and white text on blue on the bottom

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This button was made for the 1968 election when Hubert Humphrey ran against Richard Nixon. Humphrey was Lyndon Johnson's Vice President and entered the presidential race after Johnson decided not to run for reelection. He entered the race too late to run in the primaries, but was still chosen to be the presidential nominee because he was supported by politicians who were elected to the Democratic National Convention. Humphrey narrowly lost the general election in part because he could not distance himself from Johnson's policies in the Vietnam War and in part because he did nothing about the protestors in Chicago during the convention who were beaten by the police. Humphrey was an important author of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

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