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I Don't Drink

I Don't Drink Ice Breakers
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I Don't Drink button back Ice Breakers Button Museum
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I don't drink. I don't dance. I hate astrology. I have no phone.
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White background with black text

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Copyright 1000 Duck and Cover

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The slogan, "I don't drink. I don't dance. I hate astrology. I have no phone." is related to an art piece by Josh Fraught from his exhibition Longtime Companion. The exhibition was to meant to capture a moment in the mid-1980's to early 1990's surrounding the representational politics of AIDS. Using these words, Fraught tried to reimagine feelings and words as personal outpourings, a way for the socially marginalized to find one another. 

Fraught is a San Francisco based artist that works with textiles. His work uses slogans, jokes, fabrics and various colors to bring his work to museums like San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston and more.



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