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I'm Big on Jim

I'm Big on Jim Political Button Museum
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I'm Big on Jim button back Political Button Museum
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Blue and red text on a white background

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union bug

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This is a button in support of Jim Thompson, and was produced during one of his campaigns for Governor of Illinois. Thompson, a Republican who was colloquially known as Big Jim Thompson, was the longest serving Governor of Illinois—occupying the office from 1977 to 1991. Prior to serving as Governor, Thompson worked in the Cook County (Illinois) State’s Attorney’s Office and was appointed by then-President Richard Nixon as U.S. Attorney for the Northern district of Illinois. Thompson was a well-known crusader against Chicago’s infamous political corruption and organized crime, and his reputation garnered him a record number of votes in the 1976 gubernatorial election. Throughout his fourteen years in office, he was known for his charismatic personality and his successful handling of the state’s budget.

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