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I'm fer Elmer

I'm fer Elmer Political Button Museum
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I'm fer Elmer button back Political Button Museum
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I'M FER ELMER (union bug)
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Black button with orange and black text and an orange stripe. 

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(union bug)s

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Green Duck Co. Chicago (union bug)

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Elmer J. Hoffman was elected Illinois State Treasurer in 1952 and reelected in 1956. Hoffman went on to serve three terms in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1959-1965. He used the slogan, "I'm Fer Elmer", for all of his campaigns. This button is likely from one of his Congressional campaigns.

In 1967, Elmer Johnson ran for mayor of Wheaton, Illinois using the same slogan. Hoffman, who was also residing in Wheaton at the time, did not approve of Johnson's use of the slogan and publicly spoke out against it.

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