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Imagine Bernie Sanders

Imagine Bernie Sanders Political Button Museum
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Imagine Bernie Sanders button back Political Button Museum
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Imagine Bernie Sanders
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Stylized illustration of Bernie Sanders on a white background.  Grey and black text.

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This button references not only Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign, but also John Lennon's famous song "Imagine," since some of the lyrics from "Imagine" correlate with Bernie's beliefs and hopes for America.

During the 2016 presidential election, Independent Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont ran as a Democrat in order to begin what he called a "political revolution." He ran his campaign on the idea of hope (one of his slogans being "a future to believe in)." Additionally, Sanders talked often about imagining a more equal country and world not only socially and politically, but, in particular, financially. He hoped this revolution would give average Americans a voice to change the future, express themselves, understand their importance in the world, and become more politically active. Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton in the final primary and Clinton went on to become the Democratic Nominee.

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