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Impeach Johnson

Impeach Johnson Political Button Museum
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Impeach Johnson button back Political Button Museum
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Impeach Johnson
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Americans love throwing around the idea of impeaching their president and have been trying to impeach them since John Tyler (1790-1862).  A generation or so later, they finally got their first one with Andrew Johnson (1808-1875).  This pin suggest the impeachment of another Johnson, Lyndon B. (1908-1973).  Johnson assumed the presidency after the assassination of John F. Kennedy (1917-1963).  

So the story goes, on the eve of Kennedy's assassination, Johnson was giving testimony about some questionable involvement.  First was with Texas business Billie Sol Estes, a Kennedy and Johnson supporter.  The second was with Bobby Baker, Johnson's former aide, who had allegedly been bribing Washington insiders with cash and arranging sexual favors.  Conspiracy theorists have proposed that Johnson's refusal to running for reelection in 1968 was because of his involvement in the Estes and Baker scandals.  Still other theorists have proposed the scandals were why Johnson had Kennedy assassinated.

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