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Impeach Slick Willie

Impeach Slick Willie Political Button Museum
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Impeach Slick Willie button back Political Button Museum
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Blue-tinted photograph of Bill Clinton with red, white and blue outer border with white and red text.

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BOBBY MAY AD-SPEC. (703) 566-8788

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William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton was the 42nd president of the United States. Before his time as president, Clinton was a law professor at the University of Arkansas and then the governor of Arkansas. Spawning from his popular public perception during the gubernatorial campaign, the nickname "Slick Willie" was first coined by Pine Bluff Commercial journalist, Paul Greenberg, in 1980. Once elected, Clinton continued to be seen in a very charismatic light, speaking with a familiar cadence and playing his saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show. During his time in office, opponents and pundits would use this nickname in connection with the allegations against him of sexual misconduct. Four woman have accused Clinton of sexual misconduct, including the highly publicized scandal between Clinton and his then White House Intern, Monica Lewinsky.


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