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Irish Americans for Ford

Irish Americans for Ford Political Button Museum
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Irish Americans for Ford button back Political Button Museum
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JOY PRODUCTS 24 W 45TH ST N.Y. 10036 Pres FORD Comm James A. Baker III Chairman Royston C Hughes Trea

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The People for Ford (PFF) was a volunteer initiative for the President Ford Committee developed to target special voter groups where similar For Ford slogans were also created for Hungarian, Ukrainian, Serbian, and others for direct efforts in gaining support from these groups. The PFF also targeted women, farmers, senior citizens and professional groups.

Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr. on July 14, 1913. After his parents divorced and his mother remarried Gerald Rudolff Ford, he began being called by Gerald. His name would formally be changed December 3, 1935. After being an active and decorated U. S. Navy Officer, Ford entered into politics as a member of the House of Representatives which led him to become Minority Leader and House Speaker. Upon the resignation of U. S. President Spiro Agnew, Ford was appointed by President Nixon to assume the vice-presidency. Ford would again succeed to a higher political role and become the 38th President of the United States after the resignation of Richard Nixon’s involvement in the Watergate scandal. Ford is the only U.S. president who had never been elected to national office.

The 1976 re-election campaign for President Ford in which he and Senator Bob Dole ran against Jimmy Carter and Senator Walter Mondale resulted in a loss with Carter winning the majority popular vote and electoral votes. Ford died December 26, 2006. 


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