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Jabba the Hutt Star Wars

Jabba the Hut Star Wars Entertainment Button Museum
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Jabba the Hut Star Wars button back Entertainment Button Museum
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Photograph of Jabba the Hutt

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This button was released in a series of photo buttons used to promote the film, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. First appearing in Return of the Jedi, Jabba the Hutt is a large slug-like alien who serves as an antagonist. A powerful crime boss on the planet of Tatooine, Jabba has a service of bounty hunters, smugglers, and assassins at his disposal. Having placed a large bounty for smuggler, Han Solo, Jabba comes into direct conflict with Luke Skywalker and his allies in the film. Since his first appearance, the character has become a popular figure in the series. His image as a large and disgusting creature has allowed for his name to become a point of satire in popular media and in politics as a caricature used to emphasize negative qualities.

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