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Jack Political Button Museum
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Jack button back Political Button Museum
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Red text on a white background.

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(union bug)

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Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy ran for president as the Democratic candidate in 1960. Despite his youth, lack of foreign policy experience, and Catholic upbringing, Kennedy managed to capture enough electoral votes to beat his Republican opponent Richard M. Nixon. While in office, Kennedy gifted his Secret Service agent Warren “Woody” Taylor a simple red-and-white pin-back button that read “Jack” from his presidential campaign. Taylor served as an agent in the White House from 1961 to 1982 and even rode in the follow-up car with Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson when Kennedy was assassinated. Following Kennedy’s murder, Taylor was assigned to protect the incoming First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, for the duration of her husband’s terms as President.


WorthPoint. (n.d.). John F. Kennedy Secret Service agent Woody Taylor personal vintage "Jack" button.

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