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Jesse The Body Ventura 2000

Jesse The Body Ventura 2000 Political Button Museum
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Jesse The Body Ventura 2000 button back Political Button Museum
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A white button with a photograph of Jesse Ventura's face with black text above and below.

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BOLD CONCEPTS NYC 212-764-6330 Union Bug

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This is a political button in support of Jesse Ventura's possible 2000 presidential election bid. Jesse Ventura is a former U.S Navy Seal who served in the Vietnam War. His nickname "The Body" comes from his tenure in professional wrestling throughout the 1970s and 1980s. As he transitioned out of professional wrestling, he acted in films including Predator. In 1991, Ventura's political career began when he defeated the 25 year incumbent mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. In 1998, Ventura ran as a third-party candidate (Reform Party) in the Minnesota gubernatorial race and won. Self-described as "fiscally conservative" and "socially liberal," Ventura has been a political activist and commentator since he left the governor's office in 2002.  For example, he publicly supported Ron Paul for US President.

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