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Jimmy Carter '76 the Best

Jimmy Carter '76 Political Button Museum
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Jimmy Carter WHY NOT THE BEST '76
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Illustration of an eagle with a star over it and green leaves on either side over a red and yellow banner with red text on it and red text underneath it. Blue text on either side of the illustration on a white background

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This button comes from Jimmy Carter’s 1976 campaign for the presidency. Carter was originally a peanut farmer in Georgia, and served as the state’s senator in the 1960s and the state’s governor in the early 1970s. When he campaigned for the presidency against President Gerald Ford, Carter appealed to average voters by discussing his former job as a peanut farmer and being interviewed by popular magazines like Playboy. Carter won the election with 50.1% of the votes, and as president escalated the Cold War, pardoned Vietnam War draft evaders, witnessed the Camp David Accords which led to peace between Egypt and Israel. After his presidency, he began the Carter Center in 1982, a human rights advocacy organization, for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

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