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Jimmy Carter for President

Jimmy Carter for President Political Button Museum
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Jimmy Carter for President button back Political Button Museum
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An illustration of Jimmy Carter is center in black and white surrounded by a green rim and white text. 

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Jimmy Carter began his political career by serving on the Georgia State Senate from 1963-1967. After losing the bid for governor in 1966, he took a few years off to tend to his farming business. In 1970, he again ran for governor, this time successfully winning the Democratic nomination and the overall election. He served as governor until 1975. In 1976, he shocked the Democratic party leadership by winning the Iowa caucus in pursuit of the Democratic nomination for president. After that win, Carter's campaign released a series of green and white buttons, including this one. The green color was a departure from traditional red, white, and blue political buttons. It signified Carter's background as a peanut farmer. Carter eventually secured the nomination and won the 1976 election. 

In his 1980 reelection campaign, Carter reintroduced variations on his 1976 green buttons. However, he lost the election to Ronald Reagan.

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