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Jimmy Carter for President in 76 Small

Jimmy Carter for President in 76 Small Political Button Museum
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Jimmy Carter for President in 76 Small button back Political Button Museum
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Photograph of Jimmy Carter in center, white text on a green border around edge of button.

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NG SLATER COP NYC 11 union bug

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Jimmy Carter is a former senator, governor, and 39th president of the United States. He began his political career by serving on the Georgia State Senate from 1963-1967. In 1976 he shocked the Democratic party leadership by winning the Iowa caucus in pursuit of the Democratic nomination for president. Carter's campaign released a series of green buttons which were a departure from traditional red, white, and blue political buttons. The color signified Carter's background as a peanut farmer. Carter eventually secured the nomination and won the 1976 election against Republican Gerald Ford. 

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