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John E. Chapman

John E. Chapman Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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John E. Chapman back Political Busy Beaver Button Museum
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A red symbol of a soldier holding a shield and a sword riding a horse on top of a red creature stands in the center in front of a light-yellow background. Red text curves around the top and bottom of the button.

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In 1996 Dr. John E. Chapman (1931-2004) was elected to chair the Council on Medical Education (CME). The CME is the medical education branch of the board of trustees and House of Delegates of the American Medical Association and is responsible for the policies and procedures of the AMA’s undergraduate and graduate directives. 

Dr. Chapman served as Dean of Vanderbilt University’s School of Medicine for 26 years. He was elected chair for the Council on Medical Education after serving an unprecedented three four-year terms on the CME, the role of chairperson is a one year appointment.



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