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Kane County for Jimmy Carter

Kane County for Jimmy Carter Political Button Museum
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Kane County for Jimmy Carter button back Political Button Museum
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Illustration of President Jimmy Carter in center with green text on both sides on white background. A green band with white text circles the edge of the button. The year is encircled by a wobbly oval. 

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(union bug)

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Jimmy Carter was the Democratic nominee for the United States Presidency in 1976. He won the popular vote at 50.1 percent beating Republican Gerald Ford. Carter served as the 39th president from 1977 to 1981.  However, in Illinois state in 1976, Ford won the popular vote with 50.1 percent, and in Kane County, Illinois, 62.2 percent of voters favored Ford while 35.7 percent of voters chose Carter. From 1856 to 2004, Kane County has voted for Republican candidates every election except for 1912 when the Republican Party nominated incumbent President William Taft and former President Theodore Roosevelt ran under the Progressive Party he created. Kane County voted for Roosevelt at 64.3 percent. Since 2008 Kane County has voted for Democrats.

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