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Keep Sweet

Keep Sweet Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Keep Sweet button back Ice Breakers Button Museum
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Keep Sweet
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Black border around black text over white background. 

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150 Fith Ave. New York

57 Washington St. Chicago

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Founded in 1893 by Grant Colfax Tullar and Isaac H. Meredith, the Tullar-Meredith Publishing Company was a successful hymnal and gospel song publisher based in New York City and Chicago that specialized in Sunday school hymns. “Keep Sweet” is the title of a song written by Tullar and Meredith that was printed in the November 1912 issue of “Teachers Magazine”. The song encourages young listeners to “Keep sweet, keep sweet…It matters not what troubles you may meet. Thro’ the sunshine or the rain…All will come out right again…If you’ll only just Keep sweet”. 

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