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Keep On Truckin'

Keep On Truckin' Entertainment Button Museum
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Keep On Trucking' button back Entertainment Button Museum
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Keep on Trucking'.. ©KE
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Illustration of a man very large feet walking with text above and below on a red-orange background

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©1971 KALEIDOSCOPE ENT (unlegible)

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"Keep on Truckin'" was originally a one page comic created in 1968 by Robert Crumb, an American writer and cartoonist whose work primarily satirizes contemporary American culture. Crumb was integral to the underground comix movement, which typically includes self published comics that are often satirical and feature taboo content. He further assisted the movement by creating and contributing to the publication "Zap Comix," which ran from 1968 to 2014. Since its creation, the illustration has been repeatedly recreated and sold; in 1973, Crumb fought with A.A. Sales, who claimed that the lack of the copyright symbol on the original image meant it was in the public domain. While the Federal Court initially sided with A.A. Sales, the Ninth Circuit Court reversed the decision in 1977, and the copyright remains valid today. 

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