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Kelllogg's Pep 370th Bombardment Squadron

Kelllogg's Pep 370th Bombardment Squadron Advertising Button Museum
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Kelllogg's Pep 370th Bombardment Squadron button back Advertising Button Museum
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Yellow bomb with white lightning strike over it. Blue background and yellow rim. 

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Kellegg's PEP

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Kellogg's Pep was a wheat flakes cereal introduced by Kellogg's in 1923. Kellogg's pep sponsored successful radio programs and was known for giving away premium items such as trading cards, badges, and pinback buttons. In 1943, Kellogg's gave away a series of pinbacks known as Pep War Insignia Pins. The above button paid tribute to the 370th Bombardment Squadron. The squadron was active during World War II.

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